Lesson 10

Many of you have appointments with God to do something great; it’s been appointed for you to do the works of the Kingdom of Heaven. The enemy knows that you’re headed to that destination, so he tries to put a storm on you to stop you from getting there. That destination that you’re heading for has breakthrough and the manifestation of promises in it. It has the healing of your sicknesses and diseases, and a new level of anointing in it. God has preordained these destinations and the enemy can see the track you’re on. So, he puts a storm on you to try to get you to stop, or turn around and go back. People have been waiting on God’s promises for 10 to 20 years! They say, “Well, it still hasn’t come to pass,” and they start to believe that God is somehow at fault. They don’t realize that during that journey, they encountered storms that made them turn back so they never got to their destination – never saw the promise that’s connected to that destination.

The enemy creates fierce storms, to try to get you to abort your destiny. I first began fighting Legion in about 2008 when going out on tour. Every time I stepped on a new region, I would get hit with sickness, disease, and pain. I had bladder and yeast infections, colds, and throat problems.
John Mulquin used to have to edit, out of each recording, me clearing my throat about 300 times, because I was so attacked by the enemy. Legion was trying to stop me, but I wasn’t going to stop! I kept pressing through the storm and didn’t turn back. I got more and more healed, until I didn’t have anything left in me that was in common with Legion. Now, I have power over him, and I’ve seen thousands of miracles when people got delivered and healed of Legion. As a result, they are free in their minds and of physical afflictions of every kind. I’ve experienced that kind of authority over the biggest demon in the New Testament, because I pressed my way through the storm.

You can’t let the storm stop you from moving forward. People complain, “Well, I guess God doesn’t want me to have this,” or “If this was from God, it’d be easy.” Many times it will be a sovereign move of God, then, BAM, you walk through that open door. It’s easy and it all comes together. But normally that happens after you weather the storm and you make it through. Remember, it’s not a God inspired storm to test you. It’s a storm inspired by the devil. Are you going to believe and keep going? Your promises are waiting there at the region of the Gerasenes.

Another reason Legion puts these fierce, hurricane-level storms on you, is because even if you press through the storm and make it to your destination, he wants you to become so wounded by the storm that by the time you step foot on your region of the Gerasenes, you are dwelling among the tombs, and Legion has power over you. The storm is totally designed to either stop you or wound you.

Legion created, a furious storm of hurricane proportions by commanding the waves to beat against the boat until it was filled up. That’s what happens to us in a storm. It’s one thing after another. Notice that when a big storm comes, it’s not just one problem. No, it’s that one big problem. Then, there’s another one that night. Then you wake up, and there’s something completely different. It just keeps on beating and beating, and coming from every direction. Your ship is being tossed to and fro in this hurricane proportion situation.

When that happens, you must recognize, “Whoa, this is not a small storm. This is a demonically created storm. I must be going somewhere! I must be on my way to my breakthrough. I must be on the way to a promise manifesting. I must be on my way to the next level of anointing.” You have to recognize that, because that’s what’s going to get you through the storm.

Next week, I will be telling you about a huge storm I just went through. I believe my testimony will help you weather your storm!

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