Lesson 4

The Spirit of Legion (6000 strong) is causing sickness, viruses, bacterial diseases, and every kind of disorder. I had the serious disease, Lupus, and it came from Legion.

The following people received healing when Legion was kicked off: a man we ministered to in prison was healed of diverticulitis. A professional speaker got healed of shingles when she walked into a meeting. One man had been flipped onto a truck hood and, from that moment on, had neurological damage that could not be diagnosed. He had pain shooting up and down his back and legs. Whenever he bent over, his airway would be cut off. When Legion came off, he was completely healed! He was jumping up and down, bending over, and spinning around! Also, a woman was healed who, for ten years, had swollen legs from edema.. During the meeting, she felt the water rush out of her legs, and they haven’t been swollen since!

I was very sick in one of my meetings – sweating , runny nose, and sore throat. Everyone at the meeting was sick with the same symptoms! I knew it was Legion, but I didn’t want to scare anybody. So, I thought, “I’m just going to pray for everybody, and believe for the best.” It didn’t go well. Everybody was worse by the time I was done. I had them all lined up, and I muttered with my sore throat, “I command that to be healed in Jesus’ name.” They just looked at me with fevered eyes and mumbled, “Okay, thanks a lot.” No, it didn’t go well at all.

I was dreading the next session. After lunch, two women came running up to me, “Katie, you’re not going to believe this! We were recording you when you were praying over everyone and we heard a bunch of hogs grunting and groaning in the background when we listened to it play back!” One of their husbands had walked in while they were playing it and said, “What’s that? It sounds like a bunch of pigs.” Now, I had not told anyone that we were dealing with Legion!

Legion is a monster, and he spreads like the plague. Think about it, in Mark 5, he went from being in the demoniac, to the pigs, to the water. This thing can jump! He can jump from a person, to a location, to the next person, and the next location, on and on…spreading disease as he goes. That’s how the flu spreads. From one wounded soul to another!

If your soul is healed of all the stuff that comes with Legion, you aren’t going to get sick, even if you are standing right in the middle of the outbreak! He can only land on people that have something in common with him. That’s when he has power over them.

Remember what Legion said to Jesus? “Oh Jesus, what is there in common between us? I solemnly implore you, do not begin to torment me” Mark 5:7 (KJV). That is the key. Do not have anything in your soul that’s in common with him, then he will not be able to torment you.

Three times in Mark 5 (KJV), it says the demoniac was “dwelling among the tombs.” In verse 2, “And when he was came out of the ship, immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with unclean spirit;” verse 3 “Who had his dwelling among the tombs; and no man could bind him, no, not even with chains.” Verse 5, “And always, night and day, he was in the mountains and in the tombs…” When the Bible says something three times in one story, you should pay attention to it! God is trying to tell you something.

What does the word “tombs” mean? According to the Strong’s G3420, tombs means: “any visible object for preserving or recalling the memory of a person or a thing.” Tombs are like soul wounds. Wounds in your soul came from traumatic events you went through, from a sin that you lived through, or from someone sinning against you. That tomb makes you remember that trauma or thing that you went through. You replay what happened over and over again in your mind. You relive the horror and the pain of that incident. You get emotional about it. Perhaps someone sinned against you by saying hurtful words or physically assaulted or molested you. Now, there is a wound on your soul that is like a tombstone.

At a graveyard, we sit in front of a tombstone, replaying the events of that person’s life in our minds. That tombstone was set up to preserve a memory of them and their life. That’s what a wound is like inside of you. It preserves and replays the memory of all the bad stuff that’s happened in your life. You’ll know if you’re dwelling among the tombs like the demoniac, because you’ll find yourself going to the graveyard, and sitting in front of that tombstone, grieving, lamenting and having pain and anxiety as you think about the memory that tomb represents.

Next time I will explain how Jesus healed the demoniac of Legion and how you can have freedom from those tombstones in your soul!

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