Apology and Repentance

Hi Katie,

I’m writing to you today because I need to apologize. I have been rude, mean and jealous on more than one occasion concerning you. Jesus corrected me concerning these issues and told me that I need to apologize to you and ask for forgiveness.

So I come to you today with a contrite heart and I repent for not understanding, not valuing what you carry and being jealous because I don’t have a vision of my own. Please, I ask for your forgiveness.

Thank you for being the Bride of Christ and a woman of Integrity in God! I Thank Jesus for the opportunity and mercy to repent to you and make a restart and reset for myself and hopefully you will be blessed and increased in this apology as well! Truly I know you will forgive me because that is the kind of beautiful woman you have become. I now value you and have greater understanding because Jesus explained a lot of it to me. Again I am sorry!

Much love and respect,

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