Angelic Help from Mr. Green

Angelic Help from Mr. Green
By Jean Mulquin


“Be ready with a meal or a bed when it’s needed. Why, some have extended hospitality to angels without ever knowing it!”

Hebrews 13:2 (MSG)


In December of 1975, my first husband (Bruce) and I were staying in a small motel in Flagstaff, AZ. My son, Chris, was just 17 months old and I was 8 months pregnant with my second son, Andy, who was due in January. We were staying there for a temporary construction job because we did not feel it was safe for me to be far from a hospital that late in my pregnancy. Our home was in an isolated place outside of Payson, AZ.

I had walked next door to a little cafe to get some lunch and to get Chris’ bottle filled with milk. There was snow on the ground and the parking lot was in bad shape. I was carrying Chris, and he was drinking from his bottle. Between the baby, the belly, and the bottle, I accidentally stepped in a pothole and went down! Poor little Chris landed on his face and the bottle shoved his front tooth backward into his mouth.

Of course, we were both crying. I was scraped up and felt horrible that he was hurt. He was bleeding everywhere. I got back to the room and was fumbling for my key, when a man suddenly appeared at my right shoulder. He said, “Here, let me hold him while you get the door open.” I had no hesitation or fear of “stranger danger.” I just handed him my baby, got the door open, and went inside. He asked me where my husband was and I cried, “I don’t know!” I went on to tell him that I just didn’t know exactly where his construction site was at.

I got on the phone and called the office in Phoenix to see if they could get word to Bruce that I was taking Chris to the hospital to be checked out. I got into the car with a complete stranger and he drove us to the hospital, where he sat quietly and waited for me to get in touch with my girlfriend that attended Northern Arizona University. As soon as Nancy got there, the man said goodbye and left. Poor Bruce got a ticket on his way back into town, because he didn’t get the full story and thought I had gone into early labor. They had to remove Chris’ tooth and they never even checked me out to see if I was injured or not.

Fast forward to the year 1994. My boys were teenagers and we were living in a neighborhood off of Thomas and 43rd Ave, in Phoenix, that had become crime infested. My now husband, John, and I had been married for 10 years. We had a townhouse that we were so upside down on, that we couldn’t even get a realtor to talk to us. Neither of my boys were living with us at this point (that’s another story), and I was in a bad neighborhood by myself, as John was always on the road.

I told God that I would work two jobs if He would just help me get out of that townhouse. We had purchased it the last year they allowed “assumable mortgages.” So, I put an ad in our little westside paper saying that we would take $500.00 down and the person could take over our payments. We had found a house that we could put a bid on through a government program, if we didn’t have the townhouse hanging around our necks. It was a perfect house and was move-in ready, which in itself was a miracle.

Mr. Green called and made an appointment to see the townhouse. John said, “He’s not going to buy it; he has a cell phone!” (We thought only rich folks had cell phones back then). When the man came to the house, I had this sense of knowing him, but I could not place him. He walked through the house and came back into the kitchen. He said, “This will do just fine for me. Can you be out by December 15th?” I assured him that I would be out if he needed me to be. Then he did the most extraordinary thing. He said, “I have paperwork in my car; I will go get it. I use a title company in Tempe. Will that work for you?” We were selling the townhouse, but he had paperwork in his car, and what a coincidence. I just happened to work in Tempe! He gave me a check for $500.00 and we signed the paperwork. He took it to Tempe and got the title changed to his name. We had at least four more miracles happen that got us into our new house.

As I was thinking about Mr. Green, God brought to my memory the man in Flagstaff. I knew in my “knower” that they were one and the same and I “knew” they were the same angel! Much later, I got quiet and asked God for the names of my angels. I immediately heard, “Mr. Green and Shalom!”

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  • Cameron

    Many years ago, my car broke down on the side of the highway in the middle of the night. I had no phone with me and realized that I would either have to walk or depend on some stranger to help me. I prayed to God to bring someone to help me. No sooner had the words left my mouth, but a red sports car pulled up in front of me. A handsome man got out of the car and I explained to him that my car was dead. I asked if he could bring me home a few miles down the road. He agreed and I actually got into the car with a complete stranger. In the passenger side of his car, he had food from Olive Garden that he took out of the seat so I could sit. He brought me home and I got out of the car. As I turned around to say thank you, the car was nowhere in sight. He had to come through a gate to bring me home but I never heard his car drive off or the gate open or close. I really have no way to explain how the car disappeared in the matter of seconds without making a sound.

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