Ancient Gates Healed!!

Hi Katie. First, I must say what a blessing you are! Your ministry is so practical and relatable. Everything you say speaks to me. My first encounter with you was through your ‘healing the wounded soul’ book some years back. I was blessed reading the book and seeing what impact a wounded soul has on our well being. At that time, I used the knowledge and understanding from that teaching when praying for others and standing alongside sisters who were in desperate situations. However, that teaching gave me an understanding for others more than me. I was struggling with health issues, inflammation especially of the eyes, food intolerances, and my whole body seemed to be shutting down. It has been like if I find what seemed like a solution one day, the next day it just wouldn’t work.
At the same time, I had resisted quite a lot the prompting of the holy spirit to stop watching movies. This was one of my pass times. I would watch and try to look for something decent but still, feel this guilt and grief inside. Each time I did I felt it would hamper my ability to dream and hear from the Lord. The urge to watch also grow strong and one day I felt that I had gone too far in this disobedience. My health took a downturn. I could not sleep at night with sore inflamed eyes, and my head felt numb and in addition, we had lost a significant amount of savings overnight through an investment gone bad. The eyes would be weeping, and itching and I would be rubbing them in the night and the next day would be red. Very painful.
This all happened just a couple of weeks ago. So one day while at work listening to a Christian radio online, there came a song on ‘Ancient doors opening, swing wide and let the King of glory come in’. I knew in my spirit that the Lord was speaking to me. I looked upon the internet what ancient doors mean and that is when I came across you again Katie teaching Soul healing. This with clarity explained where I was in my soul. The Lord had been speaking to me on holiness and giving myself completely to Him. I read Ps 24 and there was again word, ‘ who can ascend to the Lord’s holy place- He who has clean hands and a pure heart, etc.’ So I spent days on your Soul healing teaching and boy did I do some serious repenting. My soul was getting an overhaul! With each teaching, I realized that while I was a woman of God, I was living in the tombs. The Lord showed my hidden resentment that had been in me for over 9 years, offense, everything!. Each time the Lord brought something to remembrance I would apply the blood of Jesus to the wound and then the Glory light of Jesus. I feel lighter and free now. Yesterday I felt a heat coming over my head and that happened twice and last night I had a peaceful sleep and night. The torment was gone. Praise God!. I have since been listening to all your other teachings I have been encouraged by some things you said that confirmed visions I had received years back. I know there is a strong anointing on me confirmed through prophecies at different times and the Lord has been giving me revelations which at times felt like so far removed from reality as I felt no one around me felt the same. This and health struggles have been a huge discouragement. I have been asking the Lord for clarity on what His will for me is concerning ministry as I feel that this is all I want to do, to see the captives being set free and see people coming into freedom.
I thank God for directing me to your teachings. I really needed confirmation of who I am and purpose. I would love for you and your team to pray for me.

Thank you for being a willing vessel who freely gives what she has received from the Lord! God bless you.
In Christ

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