An Act of Love

Hi Katie, when you shared about the Deuteronomy 1:11 teaching in Boston, I asked Holy Spirit what to sow and He said $200 so I did. I called my sweet and understanding husband and told him I sowed our grocery money and to keep it low at the store. He said it was fine because Holy Spirit had told me. What I thought was a bill that came under the door at hotel was actually a paid bill. An anonymous kind hearted person paid our hotel bill. My son forgot to tell me when he went to check out. The Glory of God was so strong in the hotel he forgot. We didn’t leave till 2:15 pm and our boarding time was at 3:30pm. I asked Holy Spirit to please get us there with no problems. At the airport as I did my checkbook, I realized there was no charge made from hotel and thought my son had paid. He said he had forgotten to tell me front desk said our bill had been taken care of. I went into tears at that moment and started thanking Jesus for this. Jesus returned the money I had sown with high interest!! God you are so good!! I am still in awe as is my son of this beautiful act of love and kindness. I pray thousandfold blessing for this beautiful person as well as for you dear Katie and ministry. Love you and so grateful to Holy Spirit I was able to give you a big hug and for all you do for us with such love.❤❤ Thank you so much Katie. Blessings.  -A. G.

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