Amazing Lord Wonderful Healer

Testimonial of actual healing, April 14, 2018 Conference Denver, CO  – I was diagnosed with a partially paralyzed Larynx, right side, by my Doctor two years ago. The paralysis began before that and slowly intensified leading to the diagnosis. I do ministry work and recently am a guest on a radio show since December 2017 on Friday nights, teaching on spiritual warfare and healing of the soul.

On April 14, 2018 my wife and I attended the Dominion Conference in Denver, CO. My condition was certainly worsening but like a typical guy did want to worry my wife or bother anybody. My wife knows my harsh coughing attacks and how I choked on food when swallowing. My voice was losing its oomph too. According to the doctor, I was told this could happen as the paralysis spread. Prognosis – not good – no cure.

The cause was unknown but clearly seen in-back-of my throat as there was no muscles movement on right side. I knew what it meant if the numbness began to spread. I had been warned but was simply determined to continue to serve Jesus Christ no matter what. Was not thinking of myself but others who need ministered too.

I was not expecting anything at the conference. I did not realize how bad of shape I was progressing toward till a day after healing. I did not go there to be prayed for but hear whatever Katie Souza was going to share. I have been in the ministry spotlight for years now, radio, TV, docudrama, preaching all over the USA, author, and currently working with Firsts Nations People in Cheyenne River and Standing Rock Reservations in SD, and was enjoying gelling out, relaxing incognito, and learning from Katie whatever she was teaching because we teach on similar things, however, in different ways. Always good to get new tools for the l tool box you know.

During the morning session, Katie called out a word of knowledge concerning a larynx problem and issues speaking into a microphone for someone in ministry. Well, that happen last February preaching six meetings in four days, coughing, with a head mic on (Not Good) then went to hand held, etc.

I was not going to raise my hand but something, well and angel, pulled my hand up, and I said, “Okay, Lord guess that is me,” Katie called me to the stage.

On stage, Katie had a word of knowledge concerning the use of a police baton used in choke holds to describe the what the injury felt like. When she said that, the 1 Co 2:10 prayer she had us pray kicked in full gear for me. You see, I ran a very successful prison ministry for ten years from 1988-1998 in Larimer County, CO and was eventually hired to work in the sheriff’s dept in the program’s unit after that.

I ran commissary and had same clout as any CO did. I ran programs, such as Guitar Jam, Comedy Night, worked booking/finance intake, etc and put on many concerts shows performed by inmates. Never were there any riots or codes during my programs. However, a former co-worker who later became Officer over programs unit always had codes and fights in this person’s programs. Rumor had it this individual practiced the occult.

This person hated Christians and myself particularly. I resigned my position, 2004, due to being harassed out of a job, and about 4 years later called in to testify to IA about this individual seeking to wrongfully fire the Chaplin there. Yes. spiritually this officer put a choke-hold on me. You guessed it, this CO wanted me silenced. The paralysis began sometime after that ever so slowly, and I mean slowly and intensifying especially after entering the ministry realm.

I forgave that supervisor many-many years ago and even came to appreciate made to resign because it kicked me into the ministry full time and write my first book. I hold no ill will toward this officer at all, just compassion. Rumor had it this person was a practicing ‘witch in a choir robe type,’ can’t prove that, but then this individual’s hatred of Christians does indicate witchcraft involvement nevertheless. Hence, the chokehold word from Katie kicked in full gear for me. This explains why this recent Passover my larynx condition suddenly worsened, and my voice weakening further…

Then, there I was my hand raised and walking out of the middle of row knocking into people’s knees.

Even before getting to the stage, I began to burn up, I mean, I was getting very warm. I was sitting on the second row with the AC, or fan, blowing on all of us there. I had to take off my coat. On stage Katie prayed, and my throat began to feel better and itch like crazy. After this, was the afternoon break and my wife and her brother and his wife and friends went to lunch.

I had soup, salad, and corn chips at local restaurant and noticed I was beginning to feel the left side (most recent spot to go numb) located in my lower throat. Then feeling spread to the right side. Ice cold water never felt so good Why? Answer – I could feel again.

It is hard to explain what it is like to adapt to a point where about 70-75 percent of your larynx area grows totally numb in a short two years from where it was at when first diagnosed at around 30%. With this condition, you are not aware of swallowing saliva, or any post nasal stuff while sleeping. The cough I had was terrible and breathing was indeed getting more difficult. You do adapt to numbness. Then, to feel the center of your throat when you swallow cold water – felt so good made tears swell in my eyes. I drank a lot of water that day.

Now, I can most certainly, without any doubt, feel the lower right and left side of my throat once numb. My partial paralyzed larynx is (most) certainly gone. There is some itching currently, but this is lessening and even this feels really-good. I have regained my voice in full. Even the expelling of the fluid in the lungs feels good. Could not do this before. Now the fluid is almost gone. My voice is stronger now than it was on stage being filmed.

I am still drinking water and enjoying how wonderful it feels to hit the center lower part of the throat. Amazing Lord, wonderful healer! Thank you, Jesus for this gift of grace and may you all reading this testimony gain faith because, often when you least expect it, your miracle comes! Sincerely, B. W. M.

P.S. I am also with a band and scheduled to do praise music as a volunteer at a local Christen senior center the day after being healed. The band members noticed my voice was back before I mentioned anything to them. With this, several other people who know me very well, who also did not know anything about April 14, 2018 mentioned how my voice was stronger, clearer, and was wondering what happened. We’ll they found out! Thank you, Lord Jesus, for having Katie give that word out! Keep up the great work Katie and God bless!

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