It was around midday, Tuesday 15th January, 2019, while I was cleaning our home, located in Harare, Zimbabwe. I stopped everything and followed Katie’s teaching on Healing Your Soul on Faith TV Africa. I shall never forget the teaching on how past sin inflict wounds on our souls that open the door for the king of Babylon to put us under captivity. Since early 2009 I had struggled with demonic oppression from a monitoring spirit that harassed me at will, day and night. The spirit would come as a flying bird and land in the ceiling of our home, especially in the bedroom, right above my bed. I would then hear it move in the ceiling, just like the footsteps of a bird. Several times, I had climbed in the ceiling, challenged it, read aloud the bible, prayed and practically swept the whole ceiling with a broom. I sprinkled holy water and anointing oil, but to no avail. I did Esther fasts, posted several prayer requests for deliverance to several ministries, but nothing changed. The spirit would follow me as I moved from one room to the next, always in the ceiling. Sometimes it would make a sharp noise on the TV set, the wardrobe door or the headboard of our main bed. On 15 January 2019 I followed Katie’s teaching and wrote down the prayer at the end of the program in my prayer journal. 2 hours later, I went into the prayer closet and began to repent before the Lord of all my past sins that had wounded my soul and allowed the enemy to harass me and family for 10 years at will. The Holy Spirit revealed to me more clearly where I had wounded my soul. My mother and I, early 2009, had consulted a psychic and were made to perform strange actions around our property as a way to ward off evil spirits. As I repented before the Lord, I began to weep so deeply, asking for God’s mercy and forgiveness because of this rebellion. I then interceded for my mother who has deep emotional problems from being raped by her father while she was a teenager. I followed the prayer by Katie on binding the strongman and commanding him to come out at once in the name of Jesus. I thoroughly ransacked his house in the name of Jesus. I prayed for restoration of everything we had lost as a result of this captivity. That night as we slept, the house was so peaceful. No more noise in the ceiling. Something just lifted up from my life. The peace is indescribable. Alleluia! Praise be to the Lord: He is so faithful. Thank you Katie and Team. May the Lord bless you beyond measure, in Jesus mighty name. Amen. -W. M.

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