All to YAHWAYS Glory

I am a repeat viewer and I was watching your show on The Despot King of Babylon. At the end of the show, you did a super soak, during which time we had all the places of rebellions healed. When the show was at the very end, you prayed to remove all the spirits that were under the Strong Man. I have been suffering from severe neck and shoulder pain. I have not been able to move my head without suffering greatly. As you prayed and I spoke and meditated on the words you spoke, all of a sudden the pain eased up and now I can move my head with the tiny amount of pain. 95% and counting less. This is all to YAHWAYS Glory. I am a so grateful YAHWAY sent you this teaching. There is no one teaching the things that God has revealed to you and we know it’s from Him because only God in Yahshua can heal to the uttermost. Thank you  -W. H.

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