I have been watching ALL your videos on YouTube for the last week. I have always had weight issues but I had recently realized while my husband and I lost our house and pretty much everything, I have begun to slowly gain weight. As I watched your shows (about weight) I just felt like the Lord told me to touch the area on my body and he will melt the weight off. I begin to do it and I felt it Shrink. I was praising God. When I lay my hands it begins to shrink. I even did it to my overweight cat and his tummy melted away!!! Wow! I showed my mom as I did it to her face and it skimmed down and then I touched her stomach. When I do it people feel the fat just Shrink and melt. All praise to God for using you to release the truth over me and allow me to walk in it. Blessings upon blessings to you and your ministry. (I’m sitting here laughing because my pet cat was even touched by this miracle !) -F.W.

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