Admonition to Parents

Several months ago I had written for prayer for my 6 year old grand daughter who was suffering from demonic oppression, sexual visitations from a spirit and speaking horrible things about herself (that she is trash and should not live) and also violence against her siblings, also including catching her privately bowing to Satan. We had been fasting and had asked everyone for prayer and had been binding the enemies authority over her with not much success. The Lord gave my 8 year old grandson (her brother) a dream and in that dream all the Disney princesses and Marvel characters came parading into their living room, and after assembling they tore off their costumes like paper and became black spiders, jumping all around and on everyone and inflicting horrible bites. My daughter purged their home of every connection to these characters, every toy, article of clothing, blanket, absolutely everything, and with 5 children that was a lot and very costly. They asked the Lord to forgive them for allowing these connections to the demonic world into their home (Disney princesses practice magic and Marvel superheroes are idol gods). Immediately, ALL the behavior my granddaughter had been exhibiting ceased and she has returned to the sweet little girl we know who has a heart of exhortation and encouragement.

I am passing this testimony on to your site, as an admonition to parents on the dangers we expose our little ones to, not even realizing the demonic connection we are allowing into our homes. After this horrible thing happened to my daughter’s family, I became very aware of how many little children wear items of clothing with these characters, sleep with and play with these things, not to mention allowing them to watch what seems like innocent cartoons or movies, everything has these symbols on them and are giving Satan “something in common” with our families and then are perplexed when the children have problems. God bless you and Expected Ends ministries. I love your blog and pass them on to family and friends. -C. S.

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