Lesson 19

Okay, everyone has had a week to recover from that tryptophan coma you experienced after stuffing yourself with turkey last week. (My apologies to our friends around the world. That is a bit of an inside joke here in the U.S.)

So, if you need a review, go back to the archives HERE because now that you have learned how God heals through repentance, the blood of Jesus and dunamis, we are going to put it to work. Time for some folks to get healed!!

Here is the first activation. Put your hand on your heart or your stomach, indicating, as you decree these things, they are going to your soul.

Ask Holy Spirit to remind you of someone who has offended you. Even if you have already repented for your offense and forgiven the person you still need to apply dunamis. Otherwise, you could still have a wound inside of you, which makes you angry at the person. And, if it is making you angry, it can still make you sick.

So, you can say this: “Holy Spirit, come right now. Remind me of whom I might be holding an offense against. Holy Spirit, I ask you to bring your revelatory power right now and show my heart and mind a situation that caused me to become offended.” Now, wait on Holy Spirit a minute. Let him minister to you.

Just that simple prayer allows Holy Spirit to work. I’ll bet some of those reading this are immediately getting reminders of their situations. Put the blood of Jesus on that matter that Holy Spirit prompted in you. Say, “Lord Jesus, I repent for being offended at that person. I need your blood right now. Wash me clean of my sin of offense. I am so sorry, Jesus, that I have been judgmental and critical and back-biting and offended. Please wash me of my sin. I need your blood to atone for the sin in my soul. I receive your blood right now. And I believe that it’s washing me clean of every sin of offense that could ever wound me. And I forgive the person who offended me.

“Lord, wash their sin with your blood so they don’t get sick. I forgive them now and I believe that you will heal them too. I decree it in the name of Jesus.”

Focus on the blood for a minute. Think about every time you’ve had horrible thoughts about that person, then, put the blood on each one of those thoughts. Ask Jesus to gather them up in one big bag and douse them with the cleansing tide of the blood he shed at the cross.

“The blood, the blood, the blood.” Just keeping saying it. “The blood, the blood, the blood. I’m being washed in the blood. My sins are being washed in the blood.”

You may have layers of sin and offense going back years. Continue releasing the blood on your soul, command it to go through the layers of offense in your soul.

Really ask God to forgive you. This is important. Your health and well-being are dependent upon it. It pleases God when we are not offended. Remember, offense blocks Jesus from doing supernatural miracles. You need a miracle right now. This is important.

Now we need the oil of the anointing. The oil of the anointing poured out, along with the prayer of faith, will make the sick person well. What is dunamis? It’s an anointing. So believe that you have dunamis. You already have it. You’ve been baptized in Christ, you went down in death with him at the cross, which meant you had access to the blood. You came up to a new life through the Resurrection, which means you already have the power that comes from the Resurrection and that power is dunamis. So now, pour that oil of anointing out into your soul.

James 5 says when we anoint people with oil, the prayer of faith will make them well. Pour out your own anointing of dunamis right now. Pour it into your mind. Pour it into your heart. Pour it into your soul. Release your oil of anointing of dunamis.

Dunamis, with the prayer of faith, causes a sick person to be made well.

Receive the oil of the anointing along with the prayer of faith saying your soul is being filled with dunamis at this moment. You are excellent of soul. Decree it right now. The oil of the anointing of dunamis flows to every person who reads this. You are excellent of soul, you are wounded no more in the name of Jesus, I decree. The anointing of dunamis goes deep into your soul right now to heal you of every wound making you sick, in the name of Jesus.

Now, just keep repeating, “I’m excellent of soul. I’m excellent of soul.” Decree over you, “I’m excellent of soul. I’m excellent of soul. I’m excellent of soul.”

I have witnessed thousands of miracles from this simple exercise. In the meetings where I speak, we go through this activation and hundreds of people are delivered of all kinds of illnesses, too many to name here.

God is not a respecter of persons. He is still healing people and if he will do it for another person, he will do it for you. I suggest you read this several times until you have it in your memory. Print it out if you have to and make it your decree, your declaration. God wants us to live healthy, prosperous lives and his word shows us how we can do it. Take everything he offers you.

You are excellent of soul!  Big Love,  Katie


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  • Melanie van Brugge

    In a dream Justice showed up at my house when he was 19.
    This was connected to me conceiving.
    19 is the number of this blog. 19 is the number of God’s perfect order in judgement. I have been asking for justice in my life.
    I believe my offense and other things God lead me to pray was the obstacle to receiving Justice and the miracle my husband and I have waited for.
    20 is the number of a complete and perfect waiting period.
    I am writing this to declare that I believe my soul has be healed and the miracle of a child will come in Jesus name.
    Thank you!

  • Marisol

    I felt a big thing lift off of me, thank you so much Jesus for your dunamis and your blood and for Katie’s teachings. I had been offended by a Pastors wife who did not accept me because of my testimony, and I knew she wanted to kick me out of the church. It really offended me big time. This really feels like it worked and it is now lifted off of me. What a blessing.

  • Alexander Artman

    Dear Katie,
    I had been offened at multiple people, and when I prayed that prayer and released dunamis inside of me I felt the peace of God come over me that I had been craving. Thank You so much. God Bless You!

  • Zachery Tague

    Thank you Katie for your help, I definitely had to forgive someone who had recently offended me. As I soaked and prayed with your helpful tips, I sensed the change in my mind, and emotions, also healing of my runny nose has begun to manifest. No colds for me this winter in Jesus Name! Much love Kate!

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