Activating Into Your Inheritance

Lesson 20

We have been studying the blood and the Dunamis power and I want to help you activate into your soul healing for bone issues using these amazing gifts that are part of our inheritance!

Let’s start with the blood. Let’s pray for our bones to become totally strong and healthy because our soul’s going to be healed. This way we don’t develop bone problems! Ask Holy Spirit to come and show you if there’s any particular sin that you need to repent for that might be connected to what’s happening in your physical body. “Holy Spirit come with your revelatory power and show us anything that might be inside our souls, any sin that we’ve committed that we need to repent for, we receive your revelation, insight, and understanding. Thank you, Holy Spirit.” If you have anger, I believe God is dealing with that right now because that might cause bone, skeletal, and nerve issues.

This is important because anger almost prevented a miracle from happening for a woman from Oklahoma. I had a word of knowledge, “Somebody has a right leg shorter than the other.” She came forward and sat down, and sure enough one leg was shorter than the other one. The pastor and the cameraman came up to witness as I commanded her leg to grow out, but nothing happened. Again, I commanded it to grow out…nothing. After the third time with nothing happening, I asked her, “Is anything bad happening to you? Is there any type of issue going on in your life?”

She said, “No, nothing.”

“No divorce? No marriage problems? I asked.

She replies, “Well…I have had a bad divorce.”

Then I said, “I think the Lord is saying that you have been unforgiving in your heart toward your husband. You’re still angry with him, and it’s blocking your leg from growing out. I want you to forgive him right now, and repent of being offended, angry, and unforgiving towards him. While you do that I’m going to decree your soul is being healed.”

She began to repent and put the blood on her sin, and I began to command her soul to be healed of the wounds that came from that offense, and then when I heard the Lord say, “You got it!” I picked up her legs and said, “Right leg, in the name of Jesus, grow out now to the same length as the left.” The leg immediately grew out!

Here is another testimony showing how anger and unforgiveness can affect our bones. A man in Colorado was healed of bone cancer when he listened to the “Without Offense” message. So, let’s work on anger and being unforgiving right now and pray together…“Lord Jesus, I repent for being unforgiving and angry. Lord, if there’s anyone that I’m holding offense against, I repent. Cleanse me of that offense. Wash my sin right now with your blood that’s connected with a bone disorder or with my bones not being totally healthy.”

Now focus on forgiving anyone you are angry with. If you are angry at your children, spouse, boss, job, ministry, the car dealership, people at the grocery or coffee place. Letting yourself remain angry affects your bones. Allowing yourself to continue to be unforgiving rots away the bones because you’ve wounded your soul with that sin. Really press into it, repent about anger and being unforgiving. Now, say “Amen!”

Are we going to stop there? We have one more step! Begin speaking to your soul. Say, “Arise, soul. Arise, pick up your mat, and walk!” We release resurrection Dunamis power with that word “arise.” With the word “arise” we command it to be released into our soul. My soul is becoming excellent. My body’s being healed. My bones are being healed, and my soul is being healed. My body’s being healed because of Dunamis resurrection power!”

I speak to your soul. I command your soul to arise. I command every wound, even the ones that were passed down in the womb, that you would be impotent no more. Peter released Dunamis power on the lame, impotent man at the Gate Beautiful. He said, “Arise, pick up your mat, and walk.” And that man was healed in his soul and his body. He was impotent no more!

Pain, be gone right now. I command bones to be healed, pain to be gone, cartilage to be restored, and joints to be healed. Pain free right now. Alignment to come into the body, every part of the body aligned, every part of the spine aligned. Disks regenerate in the name of Jesus. I command hips to be restored, knees to be restored, full mobility in every part of the skeletal structure, nerve endings to be regenerated in the name of Jesus! Pain go, in Jesus’ name.

Check your body out right now. Move around and try to do something you couldn’t do before. Check out where the pain is. You may feel a reduction in pain or have gotten a healing!

If you did not get a healing from that activation, try it again! Fill your soul with blood and Dunamis power. Command your soul to arise, pick up your mat, and walk. Remember that you have a tank full of Dunamis that never runs out!

Goodness! We are out of space and time again! Next week we will activate into being healed of trauma. I pray these activation prayers are helping you get your breakthrough!!

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  • Blanche Archer

    Katie, I believe very much in prayer but I know this message will do me good because I will read it every day and pray about my anger. But deep down in my heart I still ask the question: Why didn’t you pray for my son? in Christian Love Blanche

  • Peter Dennis

    I was born with a syndrome.
    Kleinfelter, which gives me an extra X in my DNA. So that makes me to be a XXY man.
    The cause isn’t mine but my mother being more than 35of age when she had me.
    It( the syndrome)has alot of negative aspects and one is thin bone density.

  • Tiffany Bull

    Hi Katie,
    I’m praying for restoration for my marriage and would love to learn more about soaking my husband. I’ve been a partner with your ministry for a while now and know that the ministry angels cover my family from the evil spirit that wants my marriage destroyed.

  • Karen Dow

    I look forward to your videos and blogs. Thank you for being open to the Holy Spirit and willing to put His Word out here for us to receive.




  • Bonnie Burking

    Normally I have to pop my hip before I get out of bed in the morning, and is painful. I’ve had this for years and I’m not even thirty yet! But I read these posts and pray before I get out of bed. I tested my hip and it was loose!!! No popping necessary!!! Praise Jesus and thank you Holy Spirit!!!

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