Activate Your Healing

Lesson 7

I want to activate you into what you have learned about being a region taker. So now, put your hands out and decree with me: “I decree I will have everything I need: finances, encounters with God, open doors like I’ve never had before, support and volunteers, growth in my ministry. Everything I need will be given to me, so that I can be a region taker. I receive my mantle now!” Thank you Jesus!

Let’s get you healed in your tombs. Ask Holy Spirit to come right now and remind you of something you’ve been holding on to. Perhaps it’s an offense, a trauma you just can’t get out of your mind, or a divorce. It could be something to do with your children, or something that someone said to you. Maybe you lost your job and you’re still dwelling among that tomb. You’re thinking about it all the time. Ask Holy Spirit to remind you of something so you can have a specific target to work on.

If there was a person involved in that trauma or that situation that wounded you, I want you to forgive them right now. You might think, “I’ve already done that.” But, if you still feel the pain of that, and you are constantly thinking about what they said or did, then that wound is still there. You might have forgiven them, but you never got the wound healed. So right now, I want you to forgive them and even if you don’t mean it, you will once the tomb disappears by the power of dunamis. Remember this is for you, not them. This is for your healing. God will take care of them. He will. You will have justice.

Next, I want you to repent for being offended at them. You’re thinking, “What? I didn’t do anything to them. They did this and this to me.” But again, it’s not for them. It’s for you. When we don’t repent for being offended at someone, we stay wounded, and then Legion stays in control of our life and we never touch regions, get our bodies healed, and always have that noisy mind. I want you to repent if you have been offended at someone. I want you to forgive them and repent for being critical of them, for gossiping and saying things about them, for telling your friends what they did, and for spreading the bad news.

Put your hand on your belly and say, “I command dunamis into my mind to destroy every tomb. Go into my memory and destroy those tombs. Go into my will and make me excellent of soul! Go into my emotions and heal every painful emotion that I feel when I think of this tomb. I believe! I have a tank full of dunamis that can obliterate every single tomb that I’m grieving in front of. I release dunamis now. I’m working it, and it’s going to work super abundant healing. I receive dunamis power now! Thank you Jesus for giving it to me. I don’t have to beg you for it, fast for it, or pray for it. I just need to work it. I am excellent of soul. I am excellent of soul. I am not dwelling among the tombs. I have nothing in me that is in common with Legion, so he has no power over me!”

Now, put on music that glorifies Christ and worship! When we worship, dunamis really flows, the angels get stirred up, and begin working to help us! As you’re worshiping, believe that God wants to heal your soul, and He is doing it. Release the power you have in you into those wounds in your soul. And also, believe that dunamis is around you as you worship!

Do you remember when Jesus healed the paralyzed man that came down through the roof? The Bible says that there was power (dunamis) present there that day to heal! Jesus had the anointing of dunamis. God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with Holy Spirit and power (dunamis) and He went around healing all who were oppressed by the Devil. So, He had the internal anointing of dunamis that he used to do miracles. But that day, Jesus didn’t just have dunamis inside of Him, he had it around him. The power (dunamis) of the Lord was present that day to heal!

As you’re worshiping, know that God wants to heal your soul and He is doing it.

Remember, you’re the next region taker! I prophesy that you will fully walk in this activation and revelation. You’re going to take one region after another! You have been chosen for such a time as this, says the Lord. Go forth in the power of the wisdom of the word of God that you have received, and cause revelation to turn into manifestation!

Next week, we will talk about how Legion will create storms in your life so that he can shipwreck you!

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    Thank you Katie for such in-depth teaching on forgiveness & the revelation of not only forgiving that person, but asking for forgiveness & repenting ourselves at holding offence! I thank God for your life & ministry.