Accelerate Your Promise

Lesson 7

Remember last week God had shown me two witches, so I took that revelation and that I had laid down and said, “OK, Lord – You told me to go up, so now take me there!”

I looked down and there was a witch beneath me flying west. I was above her, so she still didn’t know I was there. (Ha! The Sneak Attack!”) This is all I did: “In the Name of Jesus, FALL!” And she went tumbling out of the sky because she lost her position of power in the second heavens. Suddenly, I was going east and I looked down and the other witch was below me! Again, I simply said, “In the Name of Jesus, FALL!” and she also went tumbling out of her position of power to the Earth.

After that, there was a major breakthrough in that area. The people there had been fighting those witchcraft covens for years with very little victory. But in twenty minutes of ascending… this seemingly endless battle ended in victory!

This is not a ‘Charismatic’ crazy tool. The Bible says Jesus and men went up into Heaven. We are supposed to act like Jesus and ascending is for a purpose! God did not want those people in Oklahoma to continue being harassed. He took me to that region because I knew how to ascend. Do you want to be sent to do battle for God? Then master this tool! We are to bring the Kingdom of Heaven here to Earth and destroy the works of the enemy! Jesus came to destroy the works of the enemy! The next time I went back to that area, good things were happening there. Signs, wonders, and miracles broke out. People got healed in our meetings!
Later, on our way to a church in the next county, I sensed that there was a huge stronghold of some kind. As we traveled, I commanded my spirit to go up to see what it was. There were thousands of witches having a huge meeting in the sky and they were everywhere! I began throwing them down – bam, bam, bam. When I was done, I said to God, “I have never seen so many witches in my life! What’s up with that, Lord?” At the same time, my hostess received the answer and said, “When you kicked those witches out of our region two years ago, we suspected that they moved here, because instantly this county went haywire.” She said, “Ice storms were freezing and killing everything, while the regions next to them were sunny and everything was fine.”

Ascending into Heaven will also enable you to bring the promises of God that He has given you in your dreams and visions back to Earth so they come to pass. Many of us have received a promise from God in a dream or a vision years ago and it still has not happened. I will teach you how to accelerate receiving your promises!

Beginning in Genesis 31 – God released a prophetic promise over Jacob in a dream. Jacob’s father in law, Laban, was cheating him out of his wages. Jacob had worked 14 years for Laban’s daughter Rachel and he was done! He wanted to take his wives and children and go. Laban wanted him to stay because everything Jacob touched flourished. So, Laban asked Jacob, what he could give him to stay. Jacob wanted all the speckled and spotted sheep to stay. Laban agreed but then went behind Jacob’s back and gave those sheep to his sons instead. Laban cheated Jacob.

After that, God appeared to Jacob in a dream. And He promised him that He would be prospered anyway. Jacob is speaking in Genesis 31:10-13 (NKJV) “And it happened, at the time when the flocks conceived, that I lifted my eyes and saw in a dream, and behold, the rams which leaped upon the flocks were streaked, speckled, and gray-spotted. Then the Angel of God spoke to me in a dream, saying, ‘Jacob.’ And I said, ‘Here I am.’ And He said, ‘Lift your eyes now and see, all the rams which leap on the flocks are streaked, speckled, and gray-spotted; for I have seen all that Laban is doing to you. I am the God of Bethel, where you anointed the pillar and where you made a vow to Me. Now arise, get out of this land, and return to the land of your family.’”

Next time I will show you how Jacob received the promise he had been waiting for in spite of Laban’s trickery! I love God’s Word so much!

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  • Bukhosibakhe Ndadane

    I have always marveled at your teachings and I will love to feel God move in my life in mysterious ways and use me to help others.

    But the distance seems to be a problem as I am in South Afric and limited financial resources at the moment. I would really love to have an encounter with you for my deliverance or spiritual break through.

  • Shaun Aleah

    Believe for the encounter God will move he is the God of a supernatural he is not limited resources he will get breakthrough shalom my friend

  • Doris Ford

    My husband and I are in so much need of recommpense!!! We were scammed by a contractor in 07/15/2015. To tune of about $3500. As a result our home repairs have been held up, because we havent had the $4,000. needed to do the repairs!!! Please help us ascend to fix this!!! Frank & Doris Ford

  • Sherry Traylor

    These teaching are so ordained for me in this season. I have started a non profit for Worship Arts and your ascending lessons with spending time with God is guiding me to the realms of the spirit where my purpose is so clear now!!!

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