A Wonderful Adventure

I’d like to take some time today to share some of the bigger things God has done in my life. One of the things I had been dealing with was inflammation/edema. I actually have pictures where you can see that one day I had a lot of edema from head to toe and then just two days later I look slimmer because I don’t have edema going on. Once I learned about healing the soul through Katie’s show and I saw those pictures I thought, “Wow! This is proof that something spiritual is going on.” Basically I would wake up slim but by the end of the day I’d end up with edema. Now, for me it wasn’t that everyday I had new offenses, but I had old wounds that hadn’t been healed and so I was being messed with. I was working with a doctor and the symptoms kind of coincided with what he would do or say (in terms of getting better), but overall they’d still be there. So here I am listening to him about what foods I should be eating this and that. Now I know it is just a way to keep us fooled thinking that the problem is in the natural since I would see my edema go down only to come back. It was miserable. I am young, but that made me feel tired. I also had an issue all of a sudden where I couldn’t stand the heat. I grew up in FL, but all of a sudden I could no longer stand heat. This is something I also attributed to the natural. I thought well I adapted to northern weather since I lived in the Midwest for several years. So as everyone else would comment about being hot in the summer, I too felt it. I would wonder why sometimes given how it never used to bother me and all of a sudden I needed the house to be at a colder temperature than it had ever been in my whole life. Anyhow, I began to have dreams as Katie Souza explains about the wounds in my soul and every day I’d wake up repenting about those specific sins. I kept working diligently as Holy Spirit would show me now work on this or that. I didn’t watch the shows in order. I did the first few, but after that Holy Spirit would guide me about which I should watch first. I also have the Soul Decrees book and I would pray the offense prayers almost daily. After doing that and buying the bitterness CD I no longer ever have edema. Like ever. Before I was fully healed I could attribute it to things like “eating too much salt” or “eating out” which has too much salt usually. Now, on the occasion that I do eat out it never returns. I really used to be able to give this “natural” reasons for it, but now it doesn’t matter. It never returns. Oh, and while everyone is complaining about it being so hot outside right now. I am back to normal. Heat does not bother me anymore. Who would have thought even something like that could be connected?  Another interesting thing that I have no idea what particular video or soak healed me is that I used to be really afraid of heights. Then one day my husband and I were on a pier and I see a sea turtle and I am looking down and I am so excited and then all of a sudden I realize, “Hey, I am looking down and I am not afraid.” I keep doing it and doing it and I keep showing my husband-Look! I am not afraid anymore! I thought to myself, “Oh my! Even something like this is related to the soul?”  Now lastly, I assumed I had a bitterness bent and that certain things that were lingering in my life were from bitterness. Well, it wasn’t true. I kept repenting and repenting about things but repenting about bitterness and it wasn’t working. I would still feel it. I kept thinking I guess I am just going through all the layers. Well, I finally had my sister tell me through the Holy Spirit it isn’t bitterness. The bitterness is gone. It is resentment. So I prayed that and then it was gone. Then I still felt something else and I couldn’t pin point what that was either and she had another word of knowledge for me and it was remorse. Then I began to realize that for me my first reaction isn’t bitterness or anger, but sorrow. I had known that I was feeling hurt and sadness so after bitterness wasn’t working I kept praying about dwelling among the tombs, but that hadn’t been it either. So, it turns out there is a lot of different feelings we can be facing and we don’t exactly know what to call them, but Holy Spirit does and He will guide us because He wants us to be healed. I had to look up the words resentment and remorse and I guess they are different enough from other feelings that I had to be specific about them. Once I repented of those specific feelings it finally went away! One thing I love about getting our soul healed is that Katie is so compassionate and we understand that it has to do with generational iniquities and that even though we keep repenting and forgiving it hasn’t worked because we haven’t put the dunamis on yet. Prior to this, I kept saying “God, I have forgiven why do I still feel this way?” Now I know why. I love this message because I just think it adds another level of compassion to the real struggle that we’re all facing. There are real strongholds in people’s lives and it just adds another layer as to why we shouldn’t be offended when others hurt us.  One last thing. I began this journey three months ago and since I bought Katie’s CD’s she has helped me lift up generational curses and all sorts of things off my bloodline. Guess what? I have seen huge changes in my family too! Not only that but going through this has also opened up my family and I to hearing more from the Spirit and realize our callings, God’s predestined plan for our lives. It has been a wonderful adventure!  -S. M.

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