A Restoring God

For many years I have suffered severe rejection, defamation and slander. I have been a Christian since I was age six but just could not get a breakthrough from this bondage. On Feb 9 2017, I listened to your You-tube clips on Leviathan spirit. You took us through a 3-part prayer. At first, I did not want to pray the prayer of repentance for a prideful spirit and to forgive those who have severely wrongfully treated me in the past 3 years. However, the Lord told me that my breakthrough was tired to that and some of the wrongful things I have suffered were as a result of the leviathan spirit. I went back and prayed those prayers with you. There was an immediate reaction in the heavens. For a longtime I had been talking to the principal of my daughter’s elementary school to move her from a classroom where she has suffered so much spiritual and emotional abuse. The principal was not listening she was controlled by the people who were abusing the child. But yesterday God moved on her so strongly shortly after I had prayed that prayer and she sent me an email asking to meet with me regarding moving my daughter to the classroom we had requested for in Oct 2016. She also mentioned that she could not sleep we were on her mind heavily and she felt that it was time to honor that request. She also apologized for some things that had happened that were not favorable. I am so excited at what God is going to restore in my life as I walk free from the bondage of leviathan. Than you Katie for being bold enough to address spiritual matters. -C. B.

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