A New Way To Pray

Lesson 15

Let’s begin this week’s blog thinking about how praying, as I demonstrated last week, caused something to lift. Do you feel a shift in your mind and your will being broken free? Thank you, God. This application of prayer is going to allow Him to deliver you, if you’ve been angry a lot, you will see a reduction in the anger. Keep praying this way. If you have massive mood swings, that’s over. You will not experience them on that level any more. Amen? If you have heart trouble, it could be coming from all of the emotions you’ve been feeling. Rapid and powerful emotions can enslave your heart and cause your heart stress. Resurrection power being released as you pray this way, like Paul did. Give Jesus a praise for what He’s doing!

Are you at work, and tired right now? Maybe you have severe and excruciating back pain. Or a nervous twitch in your face? Ankle pain, nerve pain, dental issues? If you have a worry about something happening swiftly but it hasn’t yet, it’s okay. These physical, financial, and emotional wounds are connected to your soul. How many of you have had racing thoughts and mind chatter? You can get healed of that right now.

Practice makes perfect, so repeat the prayer again. You insert what the Holy Spirit tells you to in the blank. Say, “Lord Jesus, I repent for ________. I repent for sinning by _______. I plead the blood over those sins right now. The powerful blood of Jesus is washing away that sin in my soul right now. I release the Dunamis resurrection power into my soul right now. Fill me with Dunamis mighty power, Lord. I decree that the wound in my soul that came from that sin is being healed right now, and will no longer control me. I am excellent of soul. I am excellent of soul, Thank you, Jesus!

Now, get quiet for a minute. Do you have any relief in your mind, right now? Give Jesus a praise for that! In our ministry we have seen countless miracles from a myriad of issues. Nose Bleeds, sleep disorders, skin breakouts, clogged hearing, bladder issues, rotator cuffs, and the list just goes on!

Alright peeps, for every one of you reading this, every person having financial issues, physical pain, emotional trauma, every sickness, Speak to your soul right now. You’ve been baptized into Christ, so command the power of the blood from the cross and the power of Dunamis from the Resurrection to infill your soul in the mighty name of Jesus! Command healing to happen in your soul, speak out that you are excellent of soul. Every sin in your soul is washed of the blood, every pain is leaving, every disorder leaving, stand clear in the name of Jesus.

It doesn’t matter the issue, there is nothing – literally nothing that is too big for the penalty Christ so willingly paid. There is not one affliction that victory is not owed to Him. If it’s chronic fatigue, tension, tell it to leave in Jesus’ name, right now. Command words to come to pass quickly. Things in your soul to be gone in Jesus’ name. Pain no more. Back pain, leave in Jesus’ name. Snakes, you come off right now in the name of Jesus! Command them off! Say, “I trample on you in the name of Jesus right now. Every snake that’s attached to me, come off in Jesus name right now!

Keep pressing in until next week. Be diligent. Daily. Next week, I’m going to write on a sensitive topic with a lot of peeps. Stay tuned, and remember don’t pray your normal prayers. Pray like you haven’t prayed before. Two steps. Christ wants you to have everything He did for you. He went to the cross, and he overcame death. Pray for your souls to be filled with blood and Dunamis!

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  • Linda Anderson

    Thank God for you Katie !! God rose up a new warrior for His Kingdom and you have saved many………You have changed my life and I am so grateful for your ministry ……….I always had trouble understanding the Bible until I came across your ministry………
    Thank-you thank-you thank-you……….Gratitude and blessings your way……………hugs

  • Terry n clark

    thank God for you ma’am it’s happening right now I am excellent of soul amen

  • Jan


  • connie fernandes

    I jus love your teachings its jus amazing and I thank God for you Katie. God bless u more and more

  • Holly Whitten

    Thank you so much Katie for your very encouraging words. Much appreciated!!!

  • Linda Anderson

    Oh thank-you so much for this prayer Katie ! You are such a blessing to all of us !
    Gratitude and blessings to you ! May you be blessed for evermore in Jesus Name Amen
    Thank-you thank-you thank-you …..Linda

  • sally nichols

    Need prayer for marco he has been haveing cluster headacks cycles again this has been going on for many years. He needs complet healing from this awful foul spirt for ever. Thank you for your prayers God bless the ministry. Could not get into your prayer form

  • Cheryl Eddy

    I have read all books, find them awesome! A new teaching for me NOW my desire is to get healed & operate in POWER, I am spirit filled and believe but seems difficult to actually WALK the walk? Prayer request comes often especially from the gals in Maricopa county jail. How do you pray with POWER there are A LOT of dynamics in each situation. I love this ministry blessings I will raise up in JESUS NAME.

    • Team Katie

      Praying, Cheryl. We always pray from the position of authority in every situation and dynamic. It all comes down to identity and knowing who we are in Christ and all He has equipped us with.

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