A New Season

During the web stream of Q & A, I asked Katie to pray for me because my husband had died unexpectedly and I found him stretched out across the guest room bed dead. This trauma was more that I could handle with my own prayers and I needed someone to help me. Katie prayed for me and the image is gone, the good memories are risen and I am well with my soul. I am excellent of soul. I praise God for how he uses Katie to help me and others and the tremendous healing in my soul. I am now asking the Lord of my life, Jesus Christ to reveal to me what HE wants for this new season in my life. Thank you for all who were listening to this particular broadcast and agreeing with Katie as she prayed for me. Thank you Katie for taking time during your broadcast to remind me how very much GOD loves me. Praise God for his love,mercy,and grace. Through HIs love.”  -Sharon

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