A New Heart

Ever since I could remember, I’ve felt rejected and never truly loved myself. I was forced to attend church growing up and never believed there was a God. I have led a very sinful life. Despite all this I was blessed with a wonderful husband and 3 children. About 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with a very painful and rare autoimmune disease. I was put on massive doses of pain medications to counteract the pain. Unfortunately, I became addicted to pain and anxiety medication. I became someone I didn’t know. About a year ago, I accidentally overdosed one evening. My husband is a surgeon and by God’s grace, was able to bring me back to life. And when I was gone, I did not go to heaven. Life has been so hard, but I have turned to God. I began having dreams, visions, and was able to tell events before they happened. God gave me a job to help save a recovering addict I met in rehab through a dream. When I could not complete the job, I was angry. I decided to go to a restaurant and drink my troubles away. In that moment, the owners daughter handed me my drink. She then proceeded to tell me I had come to her through a dream pleading for help. Needless to say, God sent me exactly who I needed in that moment. Turns out, she possesses the gift of seer gifting. I told her my story and the crazy things happening to me. I truly thought I was crazy. Turns out, God’s merely given me an incredible gift. The gift of seer gifting. My new “seer” friend and I are inseparable, and our prayers our powerful and activated together. Everything I thought I held dear, I’ve lost. People who I believed cared for me have proven their true colors, all because I believe in God. There’s more to my story, but one day I will get to give my testimony in God’s timing. I had my deliverance Monday, and it wasn’t easy. And I’ve been fighting off Satan since. I’m actually completely opposite of the person I used to be. And I’m humbled and thankful to God and Katie Souza Ministries. The Lord gave me a new heart. I am a soldier of God. I am not afraid. Here I am, Lord. -D. T.

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