A Miracle Happened

I was so hungry for a deeper revelation of the scriptures. After praying about your ministry I felt completely safe to listen to your teachings (there is a lot of weird and impure doctrine out there, just saying). I purchased one teaching after another available in your store and I am enjoying coming into the presence of God and for the new revelations of the scriptures! I had a word about a sin that was not dealt with and through that word got a wound in my soul healed. I was able to cleanse my soul of bitterness and repent of being harsh. I thought I had been healed, but there was still some layers not being dealt with from my past. Then A MIRACLE HAPPENED! I was listening to Holy Spirit & applying dunamis power while listening to your teachings. A few days before that I felt an anointing for some physical wounds that I had from using needles as a substances abuser. I had three big holes in my arms, and God said to me just pray for the holes to close up and be healed. Suddenly I felt God’s power for healing. After praying, God showed me a memory of an instance when I had resisted arrest, which I also needed to repent of, and so I applied the blood to the sin and the resurrection power to heal that wound. Then God said; there you have it. The power of God came across my arm into my wounded veins. The white lines that could be seen on my arm were only there a short time, and now the wounds are almost gone, they are no longer deep holes, but are small marks on the surface of the skin. I continue to be contending for more of the anointing to heal scars and also for tattoos to fall of.  Thank you so much!  -M. E.

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