A Little Prophet

I was watching Katie’s program one afternoon on Faith USA Africa. I actually caught it at the end. She was speaking of how she once healed her mom and her father and then she said to her viewers that they should stretch forth their hands and believe like the disciples to receive the spirit of healing. I stretched out my hands with faith (and some doubt mixed in) but in my heart it was like I received it in the name of Jesus. Fast forward…I was sleeping and suddenly I got this massive headache on the right side of my face like a migraine. I can’t even explain what it was like because I never experienced such pain like that before. I just started praying for myself and I kept on saying Lord with the power of healing you gave me I declare healing over myself, renounce this headache in the name of Jesus and within a few seconds the headache subsided. I feel like a little prophet right now but as soon as I finished praying it was like wait a minute this is God letting me know that when I was praying with Katie I actually received the spirit of healing and I pray that I will be able to carry and build my faith. -M. K.

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