A Huge Opportunity

17 years ago God called me out of my business career and into a ministry of counseling. I went back to school and became a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of MN. 7 years ago my husband and I started the Divine Marriage Center which focuses on teaching couples how to live out a biblical marriage. After a few years of doing the counseling together with my husband, Scott, I gave up my license to pursue ministry full time. Since then my husband and I have believed our ministry will be international and reach millions. God has been so faithful in slowly and steadily building our business and refining us. But I have felt like something was holding us back. I’ve been listening and learning so much from Katie Souza the last 2.5 years and decided to watch her 2 hour live stream on the Deuteronomy 1000 fold increase, last night. I did not make it past 30 minutes of it before I knew I needed to sow seed. Listening to Katie’s words of wisdom and truth, I knew this was confirmation of what was keep our ministry from expanding. A little more than 12 hours later I received a call from a local Christian radio station asking us if we would like a once a week show, possible even daily! They CALLED US! I’ve wanted to do radio for years. I love public speaking, I wrote a book two years ago and our center offers marriage conferences, this opportunity is so huge in the future of our ministry!! Thank you Katie for always being so bold and obedient in teaching the “weird” stuff. It is biblical truth and we need to get it out to the masses. God Bless you and your ministry. By the way, when I received the phone call I knew I wanted to write a testimony and wanted to say how many hours later it was so I checked the email that confirmed my donation, guess what time it was at? 11:11. WHAT?!! God is so good. -J. R.

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