A Better Outcome

I asked you to pray for Judy …Braddock? (I’ve lost her last name). She was the mother of a dear friend. She had cancer surgery followed by hospital-acquired infection. She was in intensive care when I asked for prayer. She lived to come home and had a time of recovery. In the past, she was devout but seemed “in her head”. But after healing, her faith seemed in her heart. She talked with me about a book she had read about the Father’s love. I had the sense she had resolved soul wounds with her father, and drawn closer to God the Father. For a moment, I suddenly saw Katie and felt her presence! I felt this change in Judy was through the prayer and soul wound healing. She had a peaceful time of healing with her family. But she returned home to Las Vegas and had a fast-growing cancer develop. She chose to decline chemo and extreme surgery, and passed very peacefully, with her daughter and a prophetic healer friend of her family at her side. I feel VERY grateful for the soul wound healing that let this woman of God go to eternity with this new great peace. A better outcome than before! Thank you for this healing!  -S. S.

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