28 Year Pain Gone

Hi Katie !! I want you know I believe I was healed recently because of your teachings!! I have been suffering pain on my left side for many years .. I thought urinary tract, kidney, cyst on ovary , many things came to mind .. now when I pulled a serpent off I felt 2- what I think felt like- fangs!! come out of my side .. it hurt !! and the pain is gone for a few days now and I was experiencing this for 28 years or more!! I think he was poisoning me and taking my nutrients.. I am a midwife and deliver babies safely in homes … I knew Satan was after me and he nearly got me as I was getting weaker and sick … now I can see my soul is healed and he must go !! I pray over many of my patients now I’m glad to use the power of the resurrection too !! I’m so excited 🙂 blessings to you !!! -P. G.