Are You Sold Out to God?

Are You Sold Out to God? by Jean Mulquin “Don’t look for shortcuts to God. The market is flooded with surefire, easygoing formulas for a successful life that can be practiced in your [...]

Foot and back healed!!

In Less than 24 hours. MY foot is healed!!! NO PAIN!!!!!!! My foot hurt for three weeks solid day and night, I sent prayer request and it was healed late the next day…After I sent a prayer [...]

Healed from trauma Aug 20,2020

  I am a Nigerian, a mother of 3, and I just want to share how God healed my soul. I heard about Healing traumatized soul for the first time on your show Faith with Katie on Faith TV on the [...]

Freedom from addictions!!

Well, I’m even more discouraged after I wrote out my story on my phone which took two hours-it’s not easy on the phone with all the corrections needing to be made and the first time [...]

Healed from Muscle Spasms 08.20.2020

I participated in the healing meeting online yesterday with Tony Kemp and Katie. I was in a horrific car accident in February this year with many severe injuries. My bones have healed, but I have [...]

My hair has grown back!

Hello, I am emailing to testify that I watched a service of Katie last month, July on youtube. A lady was testifying how Katie prayed for her for hair growth due to the fact she had very little [...]

Delivered from legion

Hello, I have another testimony. I was watching Katie Souza’s preachings on youtube again and I watched one video I can’t remember the name of it but after watching the video and praying I felt [...]

Knees healed over media!!

Today during Faith with Katie session, she was talking about trauma and began praying, my left knee always made a cracking noise every time I would bend, it started last year, so Katie prayed and [...]

Ancient Gates Healed!!

Hi Katie. First, I must say what a blessing you are! Your ministry is so practical and relatable. Everything you say speaks to me. My first encounter with you was through your ‘healing the [...]