No Remorse or Guilt

PRAISE JESUS!!!! Victory in Trials, my first listen, HALLELUJAH!!!! VICTORY!!! VICTORY!!!! I have been plagued by uncontrollable impulses, literally loss of focus, concentration, brain/mind [...]

It’s time to go to court!

Satan is constantly in the Court of Heaven accusing us. In Revelation 12:10, he’s called “the accuser of the brethren”, and the word accuser is ‘categoro’ which means to accuse and make an [...]

Growth Completely Disappeared!

My 16-year-old daughter had a growth/discoloration on the side of her torso just below her armpit. It continued to grow bigger and we were getting very concerned as it can be very dangerous for [...]

Rely on Holy Spirit

While We Wait We all love times of prophetic fulfillment, don’t we? We love to see our promises come to pass, but there is a “process of time” before the promise and that means we have to wait [...]

Victorious Living!

Victorious Living- We are made for worship! True worship. From the beginning, the enemy has worked to pollute pure worship with idolatry, and his tactics really haven’t changed much, have they? [...]

I Did Not Lose My Cool

Good day. I have listened to most if your episodes. I especially believe in the offense part. I have been so offended that I believe I need to be “peeled like an onion.” I have [...]

Financial Miracles

I have listened to Victory in Trials twice and each time I have gotten big financial miracles!  I got 200.00 I need for a class I am going to next week. Then last Sunday, I got 500.00 to pay my [...]

Helping Me Fight Back the Darkness

Dear Katie, you are a miracle.   Your awesome talent is helping me on my journey through life here on earth. Thank you for your ministry. I saw you on this morning which helped me [...]

Soul Check!

The Question of Comfort Why do we even turn to idols? Usually we end up there because we are seeking comfort, trying to meet a right need in a wrong way. Think about it! We bow to idols because [...]