Your Soul Man Vs. Your Spirit Man

Soul Man vs. Spirit Man by Katie Souza Perfect! When you received Jesus, your spirit was made instantly perfect! Your spirit man is flawless—it never sins, never gets upset, and always trusts [...]

A Life Changed

I was recently at Women on the Front Lines in Amarillo, TX…completely wrecked and overwhelmed by the GLORY of the Lord. I shared about the 111 blessing at offering time and wanted to tell [...]

Give God a Praise!

Wanted to share in giving God a shout of praise…We had tornado warnings and an 7 hour power outage, yet, there was no destruction. HalleluYah, for Our Risen Saviour and King, for The [...]

Dunamis Power with Katie Souza

A Higher Life Aren’t you thrilled that this Christian life is not meant to be lived by your own wisdom, strength, or natural ability? Jesus did not just redeem us and give us a message and a [...]

Delivered From Spirit of Legion

Yesterday I was delivered from the spirit of Legion while watching one of your shows on YouTube. Then, last night, I played videos of your show while I slept and was healed of a head and chest [...]

You Have Been Found NOT Guilty

Lesson 16 Last time, I explained to you why I have the legal right to lead you into getting rid of idols in the courts. Remember to have your tithe and communion elements with you as we activate. [...]

Delivered Completely From Addiction

God is good and his mercy is everlasting. I just wanted to say that your book (The Key To Your Expected End) Changed my LIFE. Through the power of the Holy Spirit brought by your obedience to the [...]

Endometriosis Burn and Never Return

Good day Expected End Ministries, I wanted to share a praise report. I’ve been watching your YouTube channel for a couple of months and ordered the Soul Decrees book and CD set. I also soak [...]

God is Good

Thank you for your prayers. The past six months I have been suffering with back pain, difficulty breathing, and a sore shoulder. I prayed that it wouldn’t be something serious and that I [...]

Preparing Your Offering For Court

Lesson 15 In my previous lesson, we talked about taking communion (the body and the blood) to court, and I explained why you also need to take your offering to court. When I took my offering to [...]