You Can’t Diagnose a Demon

Lesson 6 When I read the story of Hezekiah receiving 15 more years of life, and then becoming wealthy, I thought, “What did he do to make that happen?” If you read Chronicles 31, you will [...]

Money Problems?

Lesson 5 I’m so proud of my assistant, Heidi. She recently got a new car. When she went car shopping, she had a major decision to make. There was a big difference in the payments for the [...]


It was around midday, Tuesday 15th January, 2019, while I was cleaning our home, located in Harare, Zimbabwe. I stopped everything and followed Katie’s teaching on Healing Your Soul on [...]

Idols Hindering Gifts

Lesson 4 Remember, the Bible says that idols cannot see, hear, walk, or talk, so they’re making us blind, deaf, dumb, and crippled. But they’re also affecting our gifts. Gifts [...]

A Miracle Happened

I was so hungry for a deeper revelation of the scriptures. After praying about your ministry I felt completely safe to listen to your teachings (there is a lot of weird and impure doctrine out [...]

What the Church is Missing

Hello Katie and Team, I had recently asked for prayer on December 27th on your website. I have been doing your soaks for about two and a half months now. For the past three years I had worked in [...]


As I listened to and watched your youtube video on exousia and dunamis power and authority, I commanded and decreed several things over my life. In about 10 minutes or so after I had done that, I [...]

A Little Prophet

I was watching Katie’s program one afternoon on Faith USA Africa. I actually caught it at the end. She was speaking of how she once healed her mom and her father and then she said to her viewers [...]

More Than Able

I thought I’d share this because I’m grateful every day for what God has done, and He used Katie’s teachings to help bring deliverance to my husband and I. A little over a year [...]