Mysteries and Secrets

Lesson 21 I teach about Legion to get people’s faith up. I use the ice and hail in my meetings and people don’t even realize it. As I’m teaching, people begin to understand, “Oh wow. [...]

Knees Of My Youth

Hey Katie. I live in the suburbs of Nairobi Kenya. I love Jesus Christ as my Lord & savior. On Monday afternoon (Kenyan time) the 26th of November I happened to bump into your program on [...]

Breakthrough Activation

Lesson 20 We’re going to do what we like to call a super soak. Soaking will help you press into your healing. Spending time in the presence of Jesus, soaking your soul and identifying the [...]

God Opened Our Eyes

Dear Katie I am so excited to share this. I suffered a stroke in February 2018 which affected my left side but only up to my hand, my leg was not affected. The Lord was gracious that I was still [...]

Overcoming Discouragement

Lesson 19 Are you worn out and wounded by never ending storms? Is something hindering you from your destination? For more than a decade, I have studied the supernatural secrets hidden in the [...]

What a Difference

Past month, I noticed my anger issue had not only increased, but the intervals grew narrower to the point where I got offended and angry every day. It got so bad that I started lashing out at [...]

Bringing Hope and Healing

My son has been incarcerated for going on five years, he has six years left. At 1st his attitude was as you would expect from someone in this god-awful situation, scared, depressed. leanly, full [...]

An Act of Love

Hi Katie, when you shared about the Deuteronomy 1:11 teaching in Boston, I asked Holy Spirit what to sow and He said $200 so I did. I called my sweet and understanding husband and told him I [...]

Snow and Hail

Lesson 18 I’m going to share with you secret strategies, that I’ve received from the Holy Spirit, on how to deal with Legion. I’ve been using these strategies behind the scenes, [...]