Communion Activation

Lesson 17 Now, I’d like for you to take communion as I activate. So, you may want to pause right now and go get lots of communion supplies – a big hunk of bread or some crackers and grape juice. [...]


Lesson 16 Some of the key strategies of the Lord that I use to get healed of the spirit of legion are the blood of Jesus and dunamis power. I also use communion to get healed, in my inner man, of [...]

Get Your Peace Back

Lesson 15 If you’re not at peace and sleeping through the storm, then you’re allowing a demon to create a storm to ruin your life, and that’s not OK! There Jesus was asleep in the bow [...]


Last night I watched a Christian show online, and after it was over, the internet shows a list of other videos you can watch. I pressed one that was about which objects you should remove from [...]

Experiencing the Promised Land

Hi. I wanted to tell Katie about a blessing I had yesterday morning. I stumbled upon her teaching about the manna, and here’s how it happened. I woke up, had breakfast, and proceeded to do [...]

Sleeping Through the Chaos

Lesson 14 When I was in the middle of the storm of losing my dad, I was tempted to ask, “God, are you trying to punish me for some reason?” We’ve all had these thoughts, “God’s punishing me [...]

Stop the Storms

lesson 13 According to Mark 5, Legion is the most talkative spirit in the New Testament. He said things like, “What have You to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God,” “What is there in [...]