Taking on Life’s Storms

Lesson 12 I have been sharing about the storm I went through when my father died. So, after the doctors finally got dad’s infection under control, he was sent to yet another rehab. I realized I [...]

Believing God For Complete Healing

I first heard of Katie Souza in July 2018 through an Elijah List broadcast. Since then, I have been listening to the Soul Healing series, as well as Youtube and have read the book “Healing [...]

Beginning of Transformation

Hi Katie: I just ordered the 5 CD set The Glory Light of Jesus Heals the Soul. I had a wonderful chat with the rep on the line and she gave me another number to call and request that you come to [...]

Storms of Loss

Lesson 11 Last year my Father, Jack Caple, passed on to glory. He took three deep breaths and off he went. I got to watch the angels come and escort him into glory. I will never forget that [...]

All to YAHWAYS Glory

I am a repeat viewer and I was watching your show on The Despot King of Babylon. At the end of the show, you did a super soak, during which time we had all the places of rebellions healed. When [...]

Surprised by God

In mid-July I saw a teaching from Katie about the spirit of infirmity. Something resonated in me when I read it, so I was able to watch the entire program. Usually I get too uncomfortable sitting [...]

Arriving At Your Destination

Lesson 10 Many of you have appointments with God to do something great; it’s been appointed for you to do the works of the Kingdom of Heaven. The enemy knows that you’re headed to [...]

Livestock Delivered of Legion and Healed

Hello.  Before the testimony, let me give you a little background: I’m a sixth year PhD student at Yale University in the Molecular Biology department. I do genetics and embryological development [...]


I just wanted to let Katie know that since I began watching her TV Episodes on the 11:11 & 1:11 revelation that not only have I been seeing these numbers everywhere but that I also had a [...]

I Was Healed!

I was healed! My back pain and the pain on my right side along with the inflammation I had is all gone! My pain decreased by 85% while watching Katie’s video teachings on Youtube, I still [...]