Navigating the Storm

Lesson 8 This teaching is going to empower you to be able to navigate through all the storms in your life. I’m going to show you how the spirit of Legion is the biggest spirit behind many [...]

On Fire for God

Dear Katie, I wanted to write and connect with you since I was unable to do so at your conference in Fremont. My name is Renee.  I was the partner with pink/red hair. We’ve also met at a Glad [...]

God of Miracles

Dear Katie, I just got back from the conference in the San Francisco Bay area. Wow! My wife have been partners for almost ten years with your ministry. However, we have never gone to a conference [...]

Activate Your Healing

Lesson 7 I want to activate you into what you have learned about being a region taker. So now, put your hands out and decree with me: “I decree I will have everything I need: finances, encounters [...]

Admonition to Parents

Several months ago I had written for prayer for my 6 year old grand daughter who was suffering from demonic oppression, sexual visitations from a spirit and speaking horrible things about herself [...]

Winning Your Region

Lesson 6 When you get healed of Legion, it’s going to change your life! You’re going to have the power and authority to free other people from the control of regional spirits like Legion. [...]

Going to the Prisoners

My husband was introduced to your teaching in prison. He is still there. I started listening at home. Thank you for obeying God and going to the prisoners. -B. J.

Healed of My Issues

I requested pray for a couple of health issues and after submitting my prayer request, I was healed of my issues within less than a week! Praise God. I was especially thrilled that my lower back [...]

I Believe and I Receive

Good Day Katie. Last week I was watching DayStar and you were on teaching and in your message at one point towards the end you said let’s pray because there is somebody who has the severe [...]

You’ve Got The Power

Lesson 5 How did Jesus heal the demoniac that was dwelling among the tombs? He used the power that’s living in you right now! The power that you have access to 24/7 that never runs out. [...]