Totally in Control

A few weeks ago I decided I was really lacking the fruit of the Spirit in my life, so I began a journey of taking 9 months to really focus solely on the fruit and experiencing it in my daily [...]

Wanna Know a Secret?

Lesson 3 Our soul is NOT made perfect when we experience salvation. The bible teaches that sin, trauma, and generational iniquities “wound our soul”. Isaiah 30:26 (AMPC) says, [...]

Perfect Love

Dear Kate, I just finished your book on Soul Decrees. It has greatly impacted my life and walk with God as He continues to heal my soul. I’ve walked with the Lord for 45 years and love His [...]

Babysit Your Soul

Hi, Katie. So I think it is about time I shared what has been happening. For many years I have had an on-off relationship with God. Last year I started walking with God. I started watching God [...]

The Extraordinary Power in Communion

I was listening to Katie one day and she was sharing the power of communion. The importance to take it at times we feel we could become offended. To prevent an offense landing on us and to [...]

You Can’t Medicate a Demon

Lesson 2 When I first got out of prison, I began to have vertigo all the time. After eight months of dealing with the awful symptoms, I was tested and told that I had Lupus. This horrible and [...]

A Defeated Foe

Hi Katie. I put in my prayer request twice on your Facebook Mentoring page. I had burning at the bottom of my right foot & then started having numbing up to my calf. It was also happening on [...]

Storing up Treasures in Heaven

Hi Ministry Team! My husband and I have been watching Katie’s you tube episodes every night for the last week and will continue until we watch all of them! Something crazy keeps happening [...]

Jehovah Rapha

God healed my back pain of many years due to accidents and he threw in the healing of my knees and forearm. Thanks be to God, He is still in the business of miracles. Hallelujah! He is Jehovah [...]

Cleansed Bloodline

I’ve been listening to your teaching and soakers for about a year. I have most of your teachings & all of the soakers. I listen to them every night. Sometimes I listen to your teachings [...]