Steps For Healing

Lesson 13 The three basic steps for healing are: 1) Repent for the sin that caused the wound, whether it was our sin, generational sin, or sin someone else did to us, and then forgive anyone [...]

The 11th Hour

I was battling with my lender to modify my loan and my sale is Monday the 12th. I had done everything right and my wife and I had been praying and praying over all of this. I was about to file a [...]

White As Snow

I suffered from a really uncomfortable discharge. I was always using pantyliner’s and when I went to the doctors they always said there is nothing wrong with me. I always listen to Katie [...]

Let It Rain

Lesson 12 After my visitation by the angel wearing the bright yellow rain slicker with a curved-looking fisherman’s hat, it literally began raining in our conferences. First it was rain that we [...]

I Am Grateful

Hi, in April of 2017 I came down with a rare Ecoli infection, while attending my graduation in Phoenix and by the fourth day of intense diarrhea and vomiting, with stomach pain, I went to the ER [...]

Carving Out A Realm

Lesson 11 As we began to get the revelation about the glory and the light being able to heal our temple, we were having dreams about houses, rooms, hallways, bathrooms, and closets. A closet is a [...]


Mrs. Souza, Thank you for your work in Jesus name. It is thru your “The Key to your Expected End” book that I have been able to talk and deliver the words of our Lord God to the [...]

The Final Key

Hello, my name is Darryn, I am 29 years old and live in Cape Town, South Africa. I would like to share with you what I have experienced after the holy spirit led me to your teachings. The Lord [...]

28 Year Pain Gone

Hi Katie !! I want you know I believe I was healed recently because of your teachings!! I have been suffering pain on my left side for many years .. I thought urinary tract, kidney, cyst on ovary [...]

The Temple

Lesson 10 Remember that God had given us the symbol of the Mountain and thankfully, Holy Spirit kept giving us more revelation as we prayed into it. But, we only had one part of the puzzle. [...]