The Unpacking Process

Lesson 18 My husband had a successful window company that went under when the ‘famine’ hit in 2008. In three months, the trades dried up. Robert was unemployed for almost two years. At one point, [...]

The Debt We Can Never Repay

Lesson 17 Many of you know about my past; that years ago I was out on the streets wreaking havoc. But even in my mess, Holy Spirit pursued me and drew me. New Mexico 1998 – I had been [...]

Interacting With Your Visions

Lesson 16 When I have visions, I interact with them. If I see myself getting into a shower, I interact with it. I might think or say, “Lord, You are getting me cleaned up. I am in Heaven, the [...]

Spiritual Battle

This will be a condensed story. In 2016 I began a long journey with “gut issues”. Never sick in my life then all of a sudden it’s one thing after another. Ended up with Reflux, [...]

Sleeping While He Works

Lesson 15 Another way to position yourself to go up is to allow yourself to go into a deep sleep or what the Bible calls a ‘trance’. Now, before you start taking out your stones, I will prove to [...]

Transformed in His Light

“Once more Jesus addressed the crowd. He said, I am the Light of the world. He who follows Me will not be walking in the dark, but will have the Light which is Life.” John 8:12 (AMPC) [...]

Is Anything Worth More Than Your Soul?

Mark 8:36-37 (NLT) “And what does it benefit you if you gain the whole world… but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?” – Jesus This tells us something [...]