Choose to Believe

Lesson 14 In this series we have been talking about things we can do to cultivate an open heaven in our homes. So far we have talked about: carving out regular time with God, using our focus, [...]


I am have been writing inmates and requesting Katie’s book, The Key to Your Expected End, for them along the way for a couple of years or so. Recently a lifer, Willie, in TN has begun [...]

Never Give up Hope

Lesson 13 When I was incarcerated I received a word from God, which I interpreted to mean that I would be home by Thanksgiving of 2001. As many of you already know, that did not happen and I was [...]

Focused Praying in Tongues

Lesson 12 Praying in tongues is also important when you want to ascend. I get up early most mornings and pray in tongues for about an hour before ascending. I’ve done this for years. 1 [...]

Tips for an Open Heaven

Lesson 11 Continuing in our discussion of how to get and keep an open Heaven in your home, here are some more helpful tips: Be consistent in your worship. I learned this lesson the hard way. For [...]

Open the Doors of Heaven

Lesson 10 One of the best things you can do to position yourself to ascend is to cultivate an open Heaven in your home. In Heaven there are doors, windows, and gates that when opened, will give [...]

Snow and Hail

I just wanted to share my story of Snow and Hail. About 22 years ago, my dad had a stroke and ended up in the hospital. He had been in a coma and on life support. I wasn’t able to go see [...]


Thank you so much for everything. I am grateful for this ministry. I have been watching the TV episode videos online. I’m at episode 20. I have been doing the steps.  In the past I have been [...]