Sign of the Breakthrough

Katie, Just wanted to share what happened to me today. I listened to your 1000 fold blessing last week, and then decided to stretch my faith for the 1000 fold blessing for myself. We have $95,000 [...]

Heavenly Manifestations

Lesson 9 I want to share one of my ascending experiences with you. I chose this example because of the subtlety of what happened during the encounter. Several years ago I was ministering in a [...]

Angels and Ascending

Lesson 8 We are discussing how Jacob was blessed because of a supernatural download he received from God. He needed help because Laban, his father-in-law, was cheating him! One of the same angels [...]

Free From Freemasonry

I have been listening to Katie for a little over a year. I have experienced so much healing and deliverance. God has been setting me free from Freemasonry that was very much a generational curse [...]

No Anxiety No Fear

Katie, I wanted to reach out and tell you how I have been blessed by your ministry. I started watching your programs in early May of this year. A church friend posted a video on Facebook and as I [...]


Where to start.. I was recently incarcerated for missing 1 call to PO due to being in hospital having a blood transfusion after massively hemorrhaging. (keep in mind I have not been convicted of [...]

Accelerate Your Promise

Lesson 7 Remember last week God had shown me two witches, so I took that revelation and that I had laid down and said, “OK, Lord – You told me to go up, so now take me there!” I [...]

Rise Above The Battle

Lesson 6 I was in Oklahoma staying with a family of wheat farmers that had lost their harvest for the previous five years! The Lord began to minister a prophetic word to me. He told me this year [...]