Wisdom From Above

Lesson 5 Last week we talked about some of our supernatural tools, especially the Glory. Today we are focusing on how ascending is also a tool to gain the wisdom of heaven. James 3:16-17 (AMPC) [...]

Supernatural DNA

Lesson 4 You have supernatural DNA in you. We are ‘superheroes’ here on earth and we have a superhero tool belt. We’ve got the belt of Truth and on it are supernatural tools that can help us [...]

Promised Land

Katie coming to hear you preach recently in Telford, PA has been the last leg of the journey to crossing over to my promised land. Thank you so much for your powerful teachings. I am not even [...]


My husband and I started to study Katie’s teachings last November. We started to get our souls healed and came under attack by the enemy. By April we got in a fight and a long story short [...]

Listening and Re-listening

My whole household has been listening and re-listening to all you teach and soaking to your ‘soaks’ for years!!!! Of course you don’t know us, but we always refer to you as [...]

Provision and Protection of God

Lesson 3 I originally thought I could get these lessons done in eight weeks, but that isn’t going to happen! I have a lot to tell you about the amazing, superhero tool called ascending! So, if [...]