PTSD Healing

Thank you so much for your ministry, I am a Vietnam Veteran suffering with PTSD and your teaching is bringing me relief. i pray your anointing will increase in Jesus name. -W.K.


My son, Joshua, is in jail in Oregon. He called me recently & told me he was reading “The Key to Your Expected End”. I got a call from him today. He got saved!!!!! I don’t [...]

Too Many Coincidences

I had student loans totalling $35K years ago. Had to withdraw from college due to my daughter with critical diabetes out of control etc… was too much to attend to her needs as a single mom [...]

Set Free

Katie, I wanted to write and say thank you for your faithfulness to our lord. My life of drug addiction was not as radical as yours. but, it was enough to bring me to my knees. I too did prison [...]

A Huge Opportunity

17 years ago God called me out of my business career and into a ministry of counseling. I went back to school and became a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of MN. 7 years ago [...]

A New Heart

Ever since I could remember, I’ve felt rejected and never truly loved myself. I was forced to attend church growing up and never believed there was a God. I have led a very sinful life. [...]

Have Salt Within Yourself

Lesson 11 Last week we activated into getting rid of the “junk in our trunk” or excess baggage. In the next few weeks, I want to share with you some amazing scriptures that have helped me in my [...]

Baggage Claim

Lesson 10 We have been talking about trauma, drama, and soul healing. Many of you know I have had a lot of all of those things. Well, there was a woman in scripture that had a grip of trauma from [...]

Walking Victoriously

Lesson 9 We’ve been talking about trauma, how it wounds our soul, and how God has given us what we need to get our souls healed through Jesus! I just spent the last few weeks telling you about a [...]

The X-ray

Lesson 8 When God gives us Miracles, we want proof, don’t we? Some people are fine with being able to move things they haven’t been able to move in a while, but I like concrete proof. So when God [...]