Tax Time

On Friday night in Norwalk (Greater Los Angeles area), April 21, I received a call while I was waiting for the meeting to begin from my tax accountant that my tax form was rejected by the IRS. So [...]

Supernatural Weight Loss

I listened to Katie’s teaching on supernatural weight loss and I can’t begin to say how amazing I feel. I LOST 2 LBS OVERNIGHT AND THIS IS NO JOKE! I always thought it was a spirit [...]

Watering and Planting

I just watched your most recent teachings on the spirit of legion, dwelling among the tombs. I believe that I can learn from that teaching. I have been taught all of my life to know who my [...]

Soul Restoration

I have to give to Abba God all the Glory for all that he is doing in my soul!!! I acknowledge Katie Souza Ministries and especially Sharlene Beck, Soak Host. This was my 3rd soaking I attended in [...]


I’ve been suffering from sore throat on and off, even had Throat-tonsillitis when I was about 12/13 years old. But it continued on and off almost every month. I thought this is it, I just [...]

Not Guilty

July 2016 changed my life forever. I was charged with the accidental death of my brother and was incarcerated. I was distraught, broken, lost and alone. I spent several days on the mental health [...]


Lesson 7 Man, it’s been a journey. Let me just say, that I don’t always learn things the easy way, and I don’t always hear God the first time. I’ve had to train myself to listen, and then I still [...]

Drama from the Trauma

Lesson 6 Last week we were running for the plane. I had just given cash to two young attendants to push us through the airport, literally from one end to the other, and it’s getting a little [...]

To God Be The Glory

I thank God for proving His word true. I sowed a thousand fold seed in January 2017 and within two months the Lord has blessed my husband with a new job which will help increase our monthly [...]

The Price He Paid

Easter I hope you all have a great Easter! There is nothing like coming together as one to celebrate the awesomeness that is our Savior! My team and I celebrate this every day, so please forgive [...]