Lesson 4 This week I am going to continue to talk about the accident I was in a few years back so you can see how God healed me and why! We were now outside of the car and the ambulance came very [...]

Need A Miracle

Lesson 3 We have been talking about trauma, and how trauma can damage us. It wounds our soul, and can damage us for generations if we let it. Last week we talked about the woman with the issue of [...]

Healed at the Source

Lesson 2 The soul. Trauma. Sin. Illness. It all seems a bit overwhelming at times. I thank God every day for all the times He has healed me, and I am so very thankful for the revelation He gives [...]

The Wounded Soul

Lesson 1 I am going to be speaking about…you guessed it…The soul! Man, the topics that are connected to the soul are just really endless. They’re so expansive, they’re so wide, and [...]

Good Seed

Recently, I listened to your incredible teaching on the 1000 fold blessing and decided to put God to the test 🙂  I sowed a seed of 11.11 on February 28th because God confirmed the mantle you [...]

The King of Glory

Lesson 9 Have you ever battled with an issue and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t going away? It could be because there was an ancient gate in your soul or your body that was shut, [...]