Begin Again

Lesson 23 I am all about new beginnings. Traditionally, the advent of a new year is a good time to rethink what is going well and what can be improved. That is one reason I miss the old paper [...]


Lesson 22 The [Dunamis] Power of Christmas Robert and I will celebrate Christmas this year. Our house has a beautiful Christmas tree, thanks to Roxy, one of the Generals in the ministry. She has [...]

The Journey

Morning blessings! I pray for you and your ministry. Dear Sister/Mrs. Souza, This may be somewhat lengthy, but will do my utmost to keep it short, I have so much to share. I started to attend [...]

Healed Of Legion

Dear Katie and Ministry team, I was suffering from so much mental chatter in my brain, and even after I was born again and baptized I was still not finding peace, but when I watched the episode [...]

Healed By Reading

My badly broken ribs were healed by READING Katie Souza’s Soul Time Letter! They were crushed in and VERY uncomfortable for 6 months. My MD stated that it was permanent. I was flipping thru [...]

The God Who Saved Me

I want to start by saying that the enemy does not want this powerful testimony to go forth. I typed it and had gotten to the high point and the computer erased everything. I am not discouraged [...]

Keeping It Real

Your programs are helping me. Thank you Katie for keeping it real. No one teaches repentance and healing the way you do. You really get it done. You really helped me walk through exactly how to [...]

God’s Goodness

OK, just for context. I live in Cornwall, Prince Edward Island, Canada. My new husband lives in Loveland Colorado, USA. 2800 miles apart. We met through a prophetic painting that I painted and [...]

Instantly Healed

Lesson 21 At a meeting in Ohio once, there was a woman who had been offended at her friend. And, like most people, she spoke about it. She expressed her offense through her mouth. Guess what. She [...]


Lesson 20 I can’t speak for everyone, but when I get offended, I tend to run at the mouth. I might talk some smack. Okay, I might talk a lot of smack. I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but I don’t [...]