Deliverance From Oppression and Fear

I was at King of Glory Ministries recently when Katie was speaking. After the first night I went to bed and had a dream. I dreamed of a green bush and lo a snake came out towards me that morphed [...]

Possess Your Soul

Lesson 14 In sports, they say the best defense is a good offense. I don’t know about that. Sports bore me. I’m thankful the hubby doesn’t care about them either. But, think about that saying. In [...]

Slaying the Giants in Your Soul

Lesson 13 This week, I am taking time out from the soul-healing series to share an exciting new teaching. Right up front, I want you to know it will challenge you. When I first received the [...]

Until God

Just keep doing what you are doing it is so true I was abused as a child and was very sick in and out of the hospitals 3-4 times a week UNTIL GOD healed my soul and helped me forgive. And I have [...]

CD Player

Dear Katie, I got my hands on your healing CD’s. Me and my girlfriend went through them together and were amazed. I decided to listen to them with two more friends. I left the CD in my [...]

An Offended Generation

Lesson 12 In this series of lessons, we are learning about the soul and how it becomes wounded through sin and trauma. Once the soul has wounds, it can affect every single area of your life, from [...]

Thank You Lord Jesus

Praise Report: With utmost gratitude, I just want to publicly say “Thank You Lord Jesus!” I just couldn’t let more time pass by without sending this message. At sunset on [...]

A Healed Mind

I am totally healed in my mind. Thank you for praying and worshiping, honor,  glory and praise to our great King Jesus for answering! -L. R.

Change the World

Lesson 11 Jesus said, “The prince of this world’s coming but he has nothing in me that’s in common with him so he has no power over me.” John 14:30. Naturally, I hear from [...]