Boot Camp Challenge

Lesson 10 It takes people that are healed in their souls to change a region. In the case chronicled in Mark, chapter 5, it only took one man, Jesus Christ, to drive out a regional spirit. He [...]

Healing While We Sleep

Hi Katie, I want to affirm your recent teaching on deliverance and healing and more by the Lord through the night hours of our sleep. I was saved in 1982 at a Nicki Cruze crusade in the company [...]


Thank God my hubby has been released from prison! After many delays , he is in a halfway house in our home town. Thank you Jesus! Also, your wonderful ministry for support in prayer! -T. G.

Healed of 29 Year Sugar Addiction

At the age of 11 my parents got divorced and I began eating excessive sugary food to suppress the anxiety I experienced. This began a habit that caused me to develop a 29 year sugar addiction and [...]

The Region of Legion

Lesson 9 A pastor friend acquired a building for his church family. They had outgrown the place where they met and this building seemed like a great opportunity. It was, actually. But, as my [...]

Faith Rising

Lesson 8 Jesus is able to heal you. You have to allow it. Everything I’ve shared is true. I’ve witnessed many miracles. Some are quick. Others take time. I’ve had instant miracles in my life; [...]

No More Migraines

Hello I want to say a BIG thank you for your faith and ministry. This morning I was listening to a teaching about faith, and suddenly I felt a migraine  coming on and so I decided to go to sleep. [...]

One Eleven

Hello I was at the Power Rising Conference on Tuesday Sept 6. Katie Souza said about 3x how peoples houses would sell. I sewed a seed that night. My dad had left us a house and I have been trying [...]


After having listened to “Katie Souza Web Stream Archive Interpreting Dreams & Visions for the Soul”, in which she imparted her mantle for dreams, visions and their interpretation, I had a [...]

Join the Army

Lesson 7 Last week, I gave you prayers and activations you can use to heal your soul wounds and get your good life back. I hope you are using them. In fact, if you have experienced a miracle [...]