Atmosphere of Deliverance

I was at the Bloomingdale, IL conference (August 2016) and while listening to Katie teach and my neck was hurting badly. It has been a problem for a year or so. I have gone to a chiropractor and [...]

Supernaturally Immune

Lesson 5 What exactly is this demonic spirit, Legion? Legion is 6,000 strong, meaning there are many soldiers with a wide variety of assignments. Many are assigned to make you sick physically and [...]

A Better Outcome

I asked you to pray for Judy …Braddock? (I’ve lost her last name). She was the mother of a dear friend. She had cancer surgery followed by hospital-acquired infection. She was in [...]

Living Among The Tombs

Lesson 4 Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy. Or, is that just me? Consider the man Jesus encountered, as recorded in Mark, chapter 5. The guy was completely under the control of Legion and [...]

Doctors Calling it a Miracle

I left a prayer request back in May after the 21st for my grandson Trent who had a brain bleed. Trent spent 19 days in the hospital May 21-June 9th and walked out of the hospital under his own [...]

Delivered From Excruciating Pain

Dear Katie, I wanted you to know that I watched your Series on Soul Healing, and I had a miracle! I suffered for nearly 3 years with chronic pain in my hips and legs. I assumed it was due to a [...]

Taking Dominion

Lesson 3 In the last lesson, we looked at Jesus, the man, who had a perfect record against the enemy, not because he is God, since, when he left heaven, “he stripped himself of all privileges and [...]

Inmate Letter Excerpt

Here is an excerpt from a six-page letter we received from a twenty-five year old inmate who is about to be released after his third stay in prison: “But it was through reading and working [...]

God Did Miracles

Dear servant of God, Katie Souza, I would like to inform you that on 6th Saturday l went to Homa Bay prisons to preach the gospel to prisoners, men and women. God did miracles and they got saved. [...]

God is so Good

I was at the Clearwater Fla. conference around Easter. I shared with Katie that I was a recovering alcoholic who was homeless and living in my car. I was a nurse and lost everything that I valued [...]