The Landing Strip in Your Soul

Lesson 1 We start a new series today! I am still on the subject of soul-healing, but I intend to show you another aspect. I am convinced almost every problem we encounter traces back to our [...]

A Freedom I Never Knew

“I just wanted to send a note of thanks for your commitment to God of reaching out to others. I have finally given my life to the Lord after existing for 40 years in abuse and addiction. [...]

Shuffling Dogs

“I heard Katie Souza for the first time last week, on Thursday, July 7, 2016. I immediately downloaded “The Glory Light of Jesus Heals Your Soul” in iTunes. Immediately wounds [...]

Keep Fighting the Good Fight

Lesson 19 In this series, I have demonstrated how to plug into the power of Dunamis and how, when it is applied to the wounds of our souls it heals those wounds and frees us all manner of [...]

All In

I am all In!!! Sign me up for your army! I just wanted to say thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirit for allowing Him to use you as He did and does. What an awesome book! I have read [...]

A New Season

During the web stream of Q & A, I asked Katie to pray for me because my husband had died unexpectedly and I found him stretched out across the guest room bed dead. This trauma was more that I [...]

Pray It Like You Mean It

Lesson 18 I hope you are using the prayer activation’s I have given you over the last few weeks. By, now, I think you understand the way you attack long-term disorders like those I have [...]

Proclaim Your Healing

Lesson 17 In my last message, I explained how sins can wound the soul and even make us sick. Trauma does the same thing. I used examples from John, Chapter 5 and Luke 11. One concerned a guy who [...]

Soul Under Construction

Lesson 16 Bible Truth – Sickness and Disease This week is an important one for you in the process of soul healing. Don’t be surprised, as you are going through these steps, if you have thoughts [...]

A New Way To Pray

Lesson 15 Let’s begin this week’s blog thinking about how praying, as I demonstrated last week, caused something to lift. Do you feel a shift in your mind and your will being broken free? Thank [...]